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Mild steel mesh has a broad meaning and a narrow meaning.
In broad meaning, it can be used to refer to various wire mesh forms made with low carbon steel materials.
 The general mild steel mesh can be woven mesh, welded mesh, hexagonal twisted wire mesh or crimped mesh made of mild steel wires, or carbon steel sheet metals perforated or expanded.

In narrow meaning, mild steel wire mesh refers to low carbon steel woven square wire mesh, also known as black wire cloth. This kind of wire mesh products is mainly used in filtration of rubber industry, plastic industry and grain.

In this site, we introduce mild steel metal mesh of various types, with mild steel or carbon steel as base metal materials. The mild or carbon steel mesh can be treated further with electro galvanzing, hot dipped galvanizing, PVC or epoxy coating to achieve a variety of surface finishes. We also cover these further processed wire mesh forms.

Our plastic powder coated steel wire mesh include welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, chain link fence, fence panels and perforated metal.

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Mild Steel Mesh

Major Products We Supply:

Mild Steel Wire Mesh

Mild steel wire mesh is a kind of Square Hole Mesh woven of mild steel wire. It is also known as low carbon steel wire cloth or black cloth.

Uses: Black mild steel wire mesh is mainly processed in filter discs for filtration of rubber industry, plastic industry and grains.

Square Wire Mesh Products

Square Hole Mild Steel Mesh

We produce Woven Square Hole Mild Steel Wire Mesh in rolls or cut pieces, used as insect screen or safe guards on machinery enclosures.

Material: Galvanized iron wire,stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire

Property: Square Hole Mild Steel Wire Mesh is made of selected low carbon iron wire with precision construction,uniform mesh, fine rust-resisting and durable function.

Welded Steel Mesh with Electro Galvanizing Finishes

Mild Steel Welded Mesh

Welded Steel Wire Mesh - Automatical Spot Welded With Carbon Steel as Base Material, Further Treated with Electro galvanizing, Hot dipped galvanizing or PVC Coating

Welded Steel Wire Mesh Processing:
- Hot dipped galvanizing after welded;
- Welded with hot dipped galvanized iron wire;
- Electric galvanizing after welded;
- Welded with electric galvanized iron wire
- PVC coated welded wire mesh


Expanded Metal Plates Raised from Carbon Steel

Mild Steel Expanded Metal Mesh

Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel, brass plate, aluminum plate, titanium plate, nickel plate, Al-Mg alloy plate

Hole Shape: diamond,square,hexagon,round,triangle,scale,etc

Punched Mild Steel Mesh

Perforated Mild Steel

Perforated Mild Steel Sheet also named Punched Mesh, It can be supplied in folded or flat panels.

Galvanized Plate, Cold Plate, Low Carbon Steel Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminium Plate, Alloy Plate,etc.

Mild Steel Wire

Mild Steel Wire

Mild steel wire is mainly used for manufacture of mechanical springs receiving static or dynamic load. Also used as piano wire or music wire.

Material: High carbon steel wire rod, low carbon steel wire

Raw materials: wire rod 1006.1008.1018.Q195.

                              zinc with 99.995% of purity

Hot Galvanized Steel Wire

Galvanized Steel Wire

Technical Information of Galvanized Steel Wire :

Material: super carbon steel

Thick zinc-coating layer

Super in corrosion resistance

Firm coating layer

Custom size available

Galvanized wire is used for weaving of wire mesh, stranded conductors in overhead power circuitry, fencing for expressway and construction.


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