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Iron Wire for Binding or Weaving. Base material for further processing of galvanized wire or annealed wire.

Iron wire is a metal wire drawing by low carbon steel. Commonly known as black iron wire or black steel wire. It is usually treated with oil surface. The material composition comprising: iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements.

It is mostly used in construction or daily use as binding material or weaving of iron wire mesh cloth.

Iron Wire Coils
   Name Common Iron Wire
   Materials Q195
   Characteristics C0.06-0.12, Si<0.30, Mn0.25-0.50, P<0.045,S<0.050, Cr<0.30, Ni<0.30,Cu<0.30
   Application Tying and fixing of bars in Construction; weaving of iron wire mesh
   Packing Plastic Inside And Nylon Woven Outside


Black iron wire can be further treated with electro galvanizing or hot dipped galvanizing to become galvanized wire. After annealing processing, the black iron wire becomes soft and become black annealed wire.

Supply forms: Coils big or small.
Production process: Drawn with high quality low-carbon steel rod.
Application: Black Iron Wire is mainly used as industrial wire, construction wire, industrial tie wire and construction tie wire, etc.

Wire Diameter Ranges: Gauge 6#-38#

Tensile strenth: 350-550 N/MM2

1)In spools. Spool weight from 500g to 500kg. If you want, cartons are also available.
2)In coils. Coil weight from 5kg to 15kg. Any coil weight is ok, as your wishes. Plastic film inside and hessian woven outside.

Specification(BWG) Dameter(mm)
BWG18 1.24mm
BWG17 1.47mm
BWG16 1.65mm
BWG14 2.11mm
BWG12 2.77mm
BWG11 3.05mm
BWG10 3.40mm
BWG9 3.77mm