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Square Hole Woven Mild Steel Wire Mesh Rolls or Cut Pieces for Insect Screen

Square Hole Mild Steel Wire Mesh

We produce Woven Square Hole Mild Steel Wire Mesh in rolls or cut pieces, used as insect screen or safe guards on machinery enclosures.

Material: Galvanized iron wire,stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire

Square Wire Mesh ProductsProperty: Square Hole Mild Steel Wire Mesh is made of selected low carbon iron wire with precision construction,uniform mesh, fine rust-resisting and durable function.

Assortments according to processing :
<1>Crimped square wire mesh
<2>Standard square wire mesh
<3>Hot-dipped galvanized after woven square wire mesh
<4>Galvanized after woven square wire mesh
<5>Galvanized before woven square wire mesh
<6> Iron Square Wire Mesh

Weaving and characteristic: Plain weaving, stable structure, good corrosion resistance and durable and so on.

Packing:In rolls, wrapped with waterproof paper then covered with woven-cloth. Special packing may be arranged if necessary. 

Specification List of Square Hole Woven Wire Mesh in Mild Steel:

Mesh Wire Dia.(mm) Aperture(mm)
2meshx2mesh wire dia.1.60 11.10
4meshx4mesh wire dia.1.0 5.35
6meshx6mesh wire dia.0.80 3.43
8meshx8mesh wire dia.0.60 2.57
10meshx10mesh wire dia.0.50 2.04
12meshx12mesh wire dia.0.50 1.61
16meshx16mesh wire dia.0.40 1.18
20meshx20mesh wire dia.0.30 0.97
30meshx30mesh wire dia.0.23 0.62
40meshx40mesh wire dia.0.21 0.43
50meshx50mesh wire dia.0.19 0.32
60meshx60mesh wire dia.0.15 0.27

How to order—Please tell us the following: 

a.wire diameter 

b.mesh size  

c. the height,length and weight  


e.the surface treatment: Electro galvanized; Hot-dipped galvanized 

f.or application, we will recommend for you