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Mild Steel Wire Mesh

Mild steel wire mesh is a kind of Square Hole Mesh woven of mild steel wire. It is also known as low carbon steel wire cloth or black cloth.

Uses: Black mild steel wire mesh is mainly processed in filter discs for filtration of rubber industry, plastic industry and grains.

Material: Super quality low carbon steel wire

Mild steel is excellent for the manufacture of industrial wire cloth due to its tensile strength and impact resistance.

Patterns: Plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave and twill dutch weave while plain weave is the most popular one. Wire cloth plain and twill weave are all in square opening, while Dutch weave in rectangular opening. 

General sizes: Normally we provide plain steel wire cloth from 10mesh to 80mesh in square opening, in rolls 30m long and in width of 36",48",0.6m, 1m, 1.2m. Other sizes also available at customers specific requirements.

Mild Steel Wire Mesh

Mild Steel Wire Mesh Processing Products:
The Plain or twill woven mild steel wire cloth can be processed into filter discs of various sizes.
Cut to size panels in all shapes including, squares, rectangles and circles in all materials and mesh sizes.

Low carbon steel wire mesh ( wire cloth) can be punched into circular filter or welded multilayer mesh filter. It can be used in rubber industry,plastic industry,oil industry and cereal sifter.

Black Wire Cloth Filter Discs

Black Steel Wire Cloth Stamped into Filter Elements

Dutch Woven Mild Steel Cloth in Rolls

Square Hole Dutch Woven Filter Cloth Before Further Processing


Mild Steel Wire Mesh, Plain Woven, Square Opening

Mesh Wire Dia.( mm) Opening (mm)
8 0.71 2.47
10 0.65 1.89
12 0.60 1.52
14 0.50 1.31
16 0.40 1.19
20 0.40 0.87
24 0.35 0.71
30 0.30 0.55
40 0.25 0.39
50 0.20 0.31
60 0.17 0.25
80X70 0.135  
100X90 0.11  

Mild Steel Wire Cloth, Dutch Weave

Mesh Wire Dia.(mm)
12X64 0.58/0.64
14X88 0.50/0.33
24X110 0.36/0.25
30X150 0.23/0.18
40X200 0.18/0.13

We can also produce mild steel expanded wire mesh, mild steel hexagonal wire mesh, mild steel welded wire mesh and so on!

Expanded Wire Mesh

Mild Steel Expanded Wire Mesh