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Fan Guards

Finger safety fan guards are an important welded mild steel products for industrial uses. Made in round steel wire welded covering grille construction, the metal spiral grids play the role of protection and ventilation for fans as well. FliTo offers standard fan guards for home cooling electric fans, motors, pc and engines fans meeting international safety standards such as CE,FCC,TUV,ISO9001,ROHS. FliTo wire guards can be used for centrifugal and condenser fans, Both DC and AC axial cooling devices and fans.


Computer Safety and Vent Fan Covers:

1.Material : low carbon steel wire 
2.Wire dia : 0.5--5.0mm.
3.Guarding Grille Diameter : 40mm, 50mm, 60mm , 70mm, 80mm , 120mm, can be customized .
4.Surface treatment : Chrome plated , Galvanized , powder coated , epoxy coated ,etc.
5. Characteristic: reliable welding, smooth surface , anti-corrosive, does not rust and easily clean.

6. Designed to ensure air flows freely while keeping objects safely away from the fan blades; Durable, all-metal construction for long term reliability and safety.

PC Air Flow Cooling Grille, PC Parts


Welded Galvanized Steel Wire Grid Guards for Ventilation


Fan Guards with Bright Nickel Plating


Air Flow Cooling Fan Guards for PC: Condenser Fan Guards

Meeting Safety Standards of CE,FCC,TUV,ISO9001,ROHS.
Fan Guard Size:40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,110mm,120mm, 150mm

1. High cooling efficiency and Reliable quality
2. Low noise and high performance
3. Available in various designs and specifications
4. Material: Steel Wire mesh welded or other forms
4.Use in air flow cooling devices for PC

PC Cooling Fan Guards Types:

 AC Axial Fans & Blower

 DC Axial Fans & Blowers

 AC Cross Flow Fans

 DC Cross Flow Fans

 AC Blowers

 AC Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

 DC Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

 EC Centrifugal Fans & Blowers

 Air Curtain





Motor Fan Guards

 Made of iron wire and stainless steel wire formed grille. Guarding diameter ranges from 40 to 300mm. Processing of finger guards includes cutting wire, bending wire, welding spiral grille and surface treatment. Finishes can be powder coating, zinc plating, chrome plating and epoxy coating.

Detail Models Supplied:

MT-40 for 40mm fan,

MT-50 for 50mm fan,

MT-60 for 60mm fan,

MT-70 for 70mm fan,

MT-80 for 80mm fan,

MT-90 for 92mm fan,

MT-110 for 110mm fan,

MT-120 for 120mm fan

MT-125 for 125mm fan

MT-150 for 150mm fan

MT-172 for 172mm fan

MT-180 for 180mm fan

MT-200 for 200mm fan

MT-220 for 220mm fan 

MT-250 for 250mm fan

MT-300 for 300mm fan


Wire Netting Grille for DC Axial Fans & Blowers Guard

This special fan guard is made with cutting machines, bending machine, welding machine and other devices.

Technical details of Fan Guard Net for DC Fans:
Material: Mild steel wire, stainless steel wire
Finish: Zinc plating
Epoxy powder coating
Polymer powder coating
Plastic dipping (PVC, PE)
Zinc plating and then powder coating
Custom orders: Products can be made according to your drawings or samples.

18 inch fan grill /16 inch fan grill / 12 inch fan grill / 9 inch fan grill  bright black / bright white/ electro plate
18 inch fan grill, 120 stick/145 stick, wire diameter 1.6mm/ 1.4mm/1.2mm, clip grill or without clip grill, one ring   or two ring
16 inch fan grill, 120 stick/ 96 stick, wire diameter 1.6mm/1.4mm/1.2mm, clip grill or without clip grill , one ring or two ring
12 inch fan grill , 120 stick/ 96 stick, wire diameter 1.4mm/1.2mm, clip grill , one ring
9 inch fan grill, 120 stick/ 96 stick, wire diameter 1.2mm, clip grill, one ring


Nickel Chrome Plating Steel Wire Fan Guards for Electric Engines:

This fan guards have bright surface suitable for 25~250mm cooling fans.

“This kind of chrome plated wire grid is made of steel wire, finished with nickel chrome plating to enhance its corrosion resistance and beauty of the surface.” Quoted from Site Material of Zhenxing Fan Guard Factory.

1) Material: C1008 Bright Basic Wire.
2) Finish: Bright Nickel Chrome Plating.
3) For cooling fan dimension: 25*25mm ~ 250*250mm


For hood of blower, computer, air condition, electric engine etc.
Metal Cooling fan cover is made of mild steel wire Q235 or stainless steel wire SS304 through cutting, rolling, bending and welding.

Finish: Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated, Electrolytic polishing, Galvanized, PVC coated.

Specification: space between wire: 60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,100mm,120mm,150mm or as the customer’s drawing.

Features: Various style, beautiful and practical, firm welding, corrosion resistance, durable service.

Purpose: As fan guard or finger guard for hood of blower, air condition, electric engine etc.